Weyron Massage Chair

Are you ready for total relaxation?

Incorporating the very latest Japanese massage chair technology, our Weyron Felicity Massage Chair brings relaxation into everyday living. It’s state-of-the-art, slow motion back rollers mechanism are specially designed to work on those hard to reach spots on the back, neck, shoulders and glutes, relaxing any tight and painful muscles. It’s unique head massager offers powerfully refreshing wave-like kneading. The foot rollers help stimulate the reflexology points located on the sole, while smartly synchronized airbags increase blood circulation and helps you achieve a healthy body posture.

Imagine having either 20, 40 or 60 minutes to yourself! The heated chair takes you into a zero gravity position which is so wonderful, you can even choose different  cycles (20, 40 or 60minutes) such as focus on the lower back, upper back and even a cradle setting that rocks you gently to sleep!

The DPC Clinic features a relaxing space specifically designed to ensure you get the maximum results from our wonderful Weyron Massage Chair. Here you are able to switch off, relax and feel completely at ease. Our Zen Den is complete with lovely music, calming lighting and scents to leave you feeling truly invigorated and rejuvenated in both body and mind!


Weyron Zen Den

Benefits of the Weyron Massage Chair

The benefits of massage are well known and the Weyron chair adds to these:

It really is the ultimate ‘socially distanced’ massage as you enjoy this treatment as pure ‘me time’ as once we have you settled on the chair and selected your settings, we leave you to enjoy true relaxation and you to snooze, doze our enjoy the beautiful galaxy lights we have.  

Simultaneously massages all touch points at the same time.  Imagine a massage with 5 therapists working on each part of your body?  This is what Weyron brings as it works on those tight shoulders, whilst massaging your feet and whilst working down your spine, calves are kneaded and waist and thighs released all while the heated pads warm you and you are in the zero gravity position.  Truly AMAZING!




Weyron Massage Chair

Weyron Massage Chair

20 minutes  £30

40 minutes £50

60 minutes £60

Just had the most amazing super body massage in the Weyron massage chair at DPC Clinic with Penny setting it all up. The Weyron Room is so chilled and the perfect place for a relaxing massage. The gorgeous scents, mood lighting and the background music all contributed to making it my best massage experience ever. It felt like I had at least 3 of the best masseuses money could buy. From the soles of my feet to my shoulders every inch was given a deep but relaxing and effective massage. My left gluts which have been knotted for years finally feel free. Thank you Penny, always the most friendliest professional ever. Your clinic is immaculate which is very important to me and you made me feel very safe 🥰


Weyron Massage Chair Cautions & Contraindications

Caution Advised (if in doubt speak to your doctor)

  • Any issues around the backbone (such as bending back bone
  • People who cannot feel bodily sensations such as Diabetes type 2 
  • Receiving any medical treatment on the body


  • Cancer Patients
  • Any acute diseases
  • Pregnant women
  • Osteoporosis
  • Heart Disease or angina, myocardial infarction, or pacemaker


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